Welcome to the schedule for SDCUE Tech Fair 2014!
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Evan Grant

Tierra Bonita Elementary
4/5 Teacher
Poway, CA
I am currently in my third year teaching in a 1 to 1 iPad classroom. I am always amazed and energized by the creativity and brilliant work that my 4th and 5th graders can accomplish through the use of technology. Students are at the center of everything that I believe. As this generation of students goes through their education the world around them is rapidly changing, I believe it is our job as educators to keep up and teach those ever important skills of collaboration, creation and communication. I believe that we need to add one more word to this list of Edu-Buzz words that have overrun our schools and professional developement, "expand". We are here to expand our students knowledge, connections and vision of the world. Through technology we are able to expand our classrooms around the world. I am always looking to do collaborative projects with classes spread around the country and world.

I have presented at district professional developement, edcamppusd, and was an eager participant at EdCampSD. Our school has been an Apple Distinguished School since 2013.